Single Loads (FTL)

The FTL terminology is applied when a truck is dedicated to one shipment, which utilizes the entire truck for the full trip. This type of shipping is more efficient, since there are no other pickups scheduled along the route, which means the truck is dedicated to ensuring the shipper’s items get where they need to go.

Partial Loads (PTL)

With PTL, multiple shipments are combined to fill an entire truck. This is great for small and mid-sized businesses, which have regular shipping needs but rarely can fill an entire truck. Global Trade Logistic specializes in combining multiple PTL shipments into one trailer, saving money and ensuring that fleets make the most of every trip they take. By combining shipments, we are usually able to help your businesses ship for far less than you’d pay for an entire truckload.

Cooled & Hazardous goods (ADR)

Cooled or Hazardous materials? We got you covered.
When transporting hazardous loads, the priority is security. We strictly abide by all necessary security measures in order to avoid accidents and incorrect treatment of the loads. The land transportation vehicles are equipped according to the requirements of the European Community’s standards.

Warehouse storage

In need of a safe location? We are there for you.
Many transport projects might require you to store and distribute materials. Let us handle this tedious task and free up more time for yourselves to focus on the more important things.